Song Captures the Frustration Many Facing Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Feel.

As a Bankruptcy Attorney, I am in position to see many people during the most difficult and trying time of their lives.  The frustration that they feel can be difficult to put into words at times, but it is certainly palpable in many instances.  Many of the people I meet with have been fighting very hard to save their home.  However, after so much effort, they often find it has been in vain.  The bank ends up refusing to modify their loan (or the process takes too long), and they find themselves facing foreclosure.

That’s why they find their way to my office to discuss the benefits and options available to them under the Bankruptcy Code.  While not perfect, a Bankruptcy can afford many people the opportunity to save their home, or to walk away without much penalty.  It is certainly one of the last options, but one that should be considered when you get stuck in the nightmare of the foreclosure process.

Most of my clients have trouble understanding how they found themselves in the mess they are in.  They are good people facing a big problem, but fear that maybe they are somehow less of a person as a result of their situation.  I don’t believe this conclusion (just like many other Bankruptcy Attorneys across the country).  And, neither does .

They posted a video today that attempts to break down what happened during the recent mortgage crisis and subsequent failed government programs.  I think that it does a good job of capturing the frustrations that I see on a daily basis with many of my prospective Bankruptcy clients:

Don’t forget that you aren’t the only person experiencing this problem.  It is important to take action to fight for your home, and your family.  You should investigate all options available to you including filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13.  You’ll never know their benefits unless you meet with a Bankruptcy Attorney to discuss the alternatives.

Photo: JefferyTurner /flickr