Kyle A. Lindsey, Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

My name is Kyle A. Lindsey, and I want to be your Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney .  I started Lindsey Law Office to provide a law firm that focuses on hands-on, affordable representation of clients while maintaining the highest ethical standards within the legal profession. I strive to help clients achieve their many goals through client-oriented representation, and I want to be your Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney .

How I Can Help You…

My goal in each case that I take is to help you get your life back.  Debt can destroy everything that you have built, and I want to help you save what you have and build a better future.  Many of my clients talk about the immediate relief they feel after meeting with me and deciding to take action.  Don’t let debt leave you unhappy and wanting more from life.  I will help you start over, and give you the tools to build a brighter future.  I will work for you as your Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney.

I will guide you through each step of the process, and see to it that you get the representation you deserve from a skilled Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney.  I go beyond merely filling out forms and filing them with the court like many bottom-dollar bankruptcy attorneys.  I treat you as a person with a unique case.  I will sit down with you to determine what has transpired, and what you and I can do to get you on the path to recovery.  By the time your case has concluded, you will possess the tools you need to build a stronger financial future.

I strive to give clients a different impression of what a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney should or could be.  To achieve this, I look beyond billing, and place client satisfaction ahead of all else.  By approaching the practice of law with an eye towards my clients’ real problems and financial issues, I believe that you receive the highest degree of representation without the typical expense found at many law firms.

What to Expect When I am Your Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney

I maintain an open-door policy. You are welcome to stop by and speak with me, when I’m available, during regular office hours. Plenty of free, off-street parking is available during the day.  Additionally, you can contact me via telephone, email, and website inquiry.  All client communications are responded to in a timely manner.

Lindsey Law Office provides zealous representation of clients with a powerful blend of experience and knowledge.

Professional Biography

Kyle A. Lindsey is licensed to practice law in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  Additionally, he has been admitted to practice in the federal courts of the Northern District of Illinois and the Eastern District of Wisconsin.

He is a member of the Chicago Bar Association, and the State Bar of Wisconsin.

Kyle is a Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney that has had significant experience in dealing with the complexities of bankruptcies including those that involve businesses with many assets.  He concentrates his practice in the area of Bankruptcy, but also has experience handling many matters including Divorce, Contract Negotiation and Litigation, Business Formation and Litigation, and Consumer Debt Defense.

If you have a question, feel free to call and schedule your free consultation today.